Rotary Club of Romford donated £720 to Hope4Havering

Tom Renvoize from Nicholas James Jewellers & Pawnbrokers Green Lane Dagenham, giving us information on materials used for making articles brought along, their history and value. A beautifully made Queen Victoria dish, a train carriage, some gold pin brooches, an Edwardian tin of toothpaste which looked so pristine you would have thought it had been bought yesterday!
Members paid for the valuations which raised some money for club funds.

On the same evening we had Kim Merry from Hope4Havering visit our club to collect our donation of £720 raised from the conker evening in October and book sales. Tom Richardson accompanied Kim and described how he had been helped through his addiction to drugs at the age of 16 and how he now helps people that need assistance to recover from alcoholism, drugs, family breakdowns, the homeless etc.

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